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Hey Yvonne,
I hope all is well!
I wanted to thank you and everybody else at the Ford School....because I passed the test!!! I'm so excited and couldn't have done it without you guys. You guys genuinely changed my life for the better, and helped me to maintain my job.
Thanks again, I am forever indebted to you great, caring people.


Hi Shannon! :)
Hope all is well.
I'm very glad that I was recommended to take your class & have met you. I just wanted to thank you for a great 2.5 days and let you know that on my 1st attempt at the exam (I took it this morning), I passed with a 71%!
Hi Yvonne,

Just wanted to pass on the good news/
I PASSED my exam today 79%!!!
Thank you thank you 
Will be using  AD Banker of course for my CE hours!!
John Bryne is the best, you  should have him rewrite the book the next time that needs to be done!
Oh relief going to take a little time off for few days then I will head up to PHX  and to the DIO  officce to submit all my paper work to get my license!!!
Thanks again!


Hi Barbara,
I was in your P&C class last weekend and just wanted to let you know I passed my test on Saturday with an 84 and got my P&C Producer license today. :)
Thanks for your help!

Hi Bert,
Thank you for teaching the test prep class a couple of weekends ago. I passed the life & health test today with an 84%.
Best regards,
Corey Zaro

Hi Jen,

I was in your class Mon-Wed, sat in the middle back. Anyways, I passed! The class helped a lot. I learned a lot from class that was on the exam and also from the practice tests online. I thought you were a great teacher and really explained concepts in a way that made sense. Thank you!!!